All Purpose Healing Salve


Pure Magic in a tin, our All Purpose Herbal Healing Salve is our go to for everything from skin irritations, eczema and dry cracked hands and feet to diaper rash, bug bites and minor cuts and scrapes. Formulated with a double infused herb oil containing anti-inflammatory, wound healing, and skin regenerative herbs along with an antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral blend of essential oils, this heal-all salve is a must have for any home medicine cabinet. Apply to affected area and let this salve work its plant-powered magic!

Ingredients: Herb Oil Infusion: Organic Plantain, Organic Nettle, Organic Calendula, Organic Comfrey, Organic Oatstraw, Organic Cleavers, Organic Eucalyptus, Organic Mullein, Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil. Essential Oils: Tea Tree, Rosemary, Frankincense, Lavender, Geranium, Cedarwood, Cypress. Other Ingredients: Organic Organic Beeswax